Clothing Label Sonam Gear

Client: Sonam Gear Pvt. Ltd

Design Category: Clothing Label

Location: Nepal

Dranang Dekyi Choedon's DVD Music Video Design

Appealing Yarlung

The blossoming of the colourful flowers in the grasslands of Yarlung reminds me of the memories of Songsten Gampo and gives me the pride to hold my head high. That period of my life had my Amala singing songs which washed away my ignorance. The path lit by her songs gave my life the happiness and joy it deserved. The years of troubles were rushed away, bringing forth a destination to me. My heart's burden and the songs which were gifted to me, I present it as an ode to the Tibetan people and the land. In the sea of our culture and tradition, I pray that my ode would be a suitable offer to it. My fellow beings sharing my sentiments and destiny, the sacrifices offered by our patriots to the cause of our well being may never ever be forgotten and may their tales be passed down generations and the whole world.

Client: Dranang Dekyi Choedon
Design Category: DVD Cover Design
Location: US

Chundri...Album Art Design

Karma Tharchen's Chungdri album will be at your nearest music station soon. Grab a copy!

Rabsel Dawa

Back with Bang! A joined album of Tsering Gyurmey and Dranyen Passang's RABSEL DAWA will be in music station soon...check out their fans for a copy.

Trung Trung Karmo Album Art

Tsering Gyurmey's solo album Trung Trung Karmo....

DVD Design

THE GENTLEMAN OF SAN FRANCISCO is a 45 minute length Tibetan film that highlights numerous issues and misfits of Tibetan society against the backdrop of modern scientific world. It is a story of a Tibetan writer and his interaction with a conservative Tibetan neighbor in San Francisco who perform divination in their lives.For more information visit

Category: 2 Panel DVD Design
Client: Tashi Wangchuk & Tsering Bawa
Location: Sanfranciso, US

Medicine Tree

Client: Ani Tsering Wangmo
Location: Montana, US
Genre: Chant

Wedding Invitation Card

I design this Wedding Invitation Card for one of my fren. We Tibetans considered an eight lucky signs and art of four harmonious friends as auspicious sign hence it being used here.

Identity & Label

During my days in Fisheye Design I get an opportunity to work on one of new Identity and Label design for Diezel an energy drink targeted for young people.

All Time Favorites...

...Its Tsering Gyurmey's All Time Favorites..Would be at your nearest music station soon...

Book Design

I am privileged to design the book a project on H.E. The Chogye Trichen Rinpoche's " Holy Relics & Bones" The book contains 47 pages with a DVD( Documentary film about H.E.) His Eminence passed from this world into Nirvana, at the age of 87,on 22nd January,corresponding to the 4th of the Twelfth Tibetan month at 6.30am at his retreat house,Narayanthan,Kathmandu,Nepal.

On the day His Eminence's Kudung was brought to the Monastery in Boudha, the sky was crystal clear,and the moment the Kudung entered into the circle of Boudhanath stupa, a rainbow parasol appeared in the ky.Witnessing this directly,devotees were moved and shaken by faith,and erupted into joyful comments.
Until the cremation, Rinpoche's Kudung was enshrined in a beautifully decorated prayer hall where thousands of devotees come from far and wide to receive the blessings of his Holy body.
During that period there occured a surprising snowfall in Kathmandu, the first in 62 years, in the form of a shower of flowers. As such, the after-death events of His Eminence have put the disciples in a state of great joy mixed with sorrow,which has prompted them to eulogize His Eminence.

Cremation Ceremony:
On the auspicious occassion of the cremation of His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, the day Buddha displaayed miracles,the sacred rites of the cremation began early in the morning. The cremation was held in the garden of Jamchen Lhakhang Monastery, with simultaneous rituals of four dieties in the four directions,presided over by His Holiness Sakya Trizin, His Eminence Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, His Eminence Luding Khenchen Rinpoche and His Eminence Luding Khen Rinpoche along with many high lamas. A crowd of faithful devotees watched with tearful eyes and folded hands as Rinpoche's Kudung was offered to the flames in the elaborate ritual. A stunning array of beautiful flowers decorated the cremation stupa, which was the focus of attention and prayer for the huge assembly gathered to pay their last respects.
During the ritual,many people reported seeing five colored flames,and other auspicious signs.
This auspicious day was the clearest of blue sunny days. It is rare in Kathmandu Valley to see such a clear day without even the finest wisp of cloud or dust,it has been said that this is a sign of clarity of His Eminence's realization. This unusual sky remained until the completion of the rituals and the sealing of the cremation stupa. During the following week,many interesting cloud patterns formed above the stupa and rainbows were visible around the sun and in the clouds on several occassions.
After ten days, the cremation stupa was opened by H.E. Luding Khenchen Rinpoche. Holy relics,bones and ashes were collected carefully,and placed in to containers for the necessary rituals.Again on that day arainbow appeared encircling the sun.
To be interested to read more about the life of Rinpoche visit
Om Mani Padme Hun!!!

Sacred Chants From Bhutan

Client: Kahua Records, Hawaii US
CD Package Design
The design mainly reveals the feel of Bhutanese Sacred Chants which do exist from many years.