Dranang Dekyi Choedon's DVD Music Video Design

Appealing Yarlung

The blossoming of the colourful flowers in the grasslands of Yarlung reminds me of the memories of Songsten Gampo and gives me the pride to hold my head high. That period of my life had my Amala singing songs which washed away my ignorance. The path lit by her songs gave my life the happiness and joy it deserved. The years of troubles were rushed away, bringing forth a destination to me. My heart's burden and the songs which were gifted to me, I present it as an ode to the Tibetan people and the land. In the sea of our culture and tradition, I pray that my ode would be a suitable offer to it. My fellow beings sharing my sentiments and destiny, the sacrifices offered by our patriots to the cause of our well being may never ever be forgotten and may their tales be passed down generations and the whole world.

Client: Dranang Dekyi Choedon
Design Category: DVD Cover Design
Location: US